Roger Mansfield

Roger Mansfield author of The Surfing TribeRoger Mansfield has been surfing since the early '60s and has witnessed the sport rise from a little-known counter-culture pastime, meeting all the sport's leading characters on the way.

Roger Mansfield was born in 1952 on the cliff-tops above Newquay Bay in Cornwall, the surf capital of the UK. He learned to surf at the age of 6 and has been involved in the surfing world ever since. He was British Surfing Champion in 1970 and has held numerous other titles over the past 40 years - his most recent in 2002. He has traveled extensively in the quest for 'the perfect wave' both in the UK and around the world and has been involved in the sport, industry and culture of surfing at many levels.

Roger has written and researched many articles on surfing, British surf culture and history. In 2004 he was appointed official curator by the Royal Albert Memorial Museum and it's partner the National Maritime Museum Cornwall for the 'Surf's Up' exhibition which toured museums in southern Britain ( He has also worked on television, radio and the press writing, advising and consulting about all aspects of surfing.

Roger still lives in Newquay just a few hundred yards from the beach.