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The Surfing Tribe

Released in June 2009 the Surfing Tribe is available through many surf shops and bookshops.

The Surfing Tribe second edition OUT NOW!

Revised and updated
• 60 new photos
• New stories, new profiles
• 240 pages

Price: £22.99 / €26.21

Order online from Orca Publications:

Order The Surfing Tribe from and get a free 10” x 8” print by legendary photographer Doug Wilson. Offer exclusive to (Frame not included.)

All copies from Orca also signed by the author.

“Encyclopedic, lovingly illustrated and peculiarly British.” –Andy Martin, The Daily Telegraph

“Ably illustrates the richness of Britain’s surfing history.” –Alex Wade, The Times

“Tells it like it was. Enlightening and empowering.” –Tigger Newling, ’73 British Champion


Grab yourself the new edition of The Surfing Tribe plus a T-shirt for just £29.99

Free P&P.