"The Surfing Tribe is one book every British surfer should own" - Carve Magazine

The Surfing Tribe - a history of British Surfing by Roger Mansfield

The Surfing Tribe charts the history of British Surfing over the past 50 years as told by renouned surfing historian Roger Mansfield.

The book describes how a minority pastime transformed itself into a major sport and lifestyle and presents a unique insight into the forgotten story of Britain's pioneering surfers.

In "The Surfing Tribe" the origins of Britain's separate surfing tribes are revealed and all the top British surfers from the various eras are profiled. The book also charts the evolution of British surfboards, and looks back at the films and magazines that have portrayed British surfing over the decades.

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The Surfing Tribe 2nd Edition

The Surfing Tribe second edition
Revised and updated

• 60 new photos
• New stories, new profiles
• 240 pages

What the critics say . . .

“Encyclopedic, lovingly illustrated and peculiarly British.” –Andy Martin, The Daily Telegraph

“Ably illustrates the richness of Britain’s surfing history.” –Alex Wade, The Times

“Tells it like it was. Enlightening and empowering.” –Tigger Newling, ’73 British Champion